If you are reading this, someone you know wants you to have an optimal Work From Home (WFH) experience.

Integricity is a technology solutions company.

Our group has been around for 20 years. We speak the language of your business and we deliver results. With the right process, platforms, devices and implementation – we can smoothen the wrinkles in your organisation’s WFH strategy.

Here are some of the common requests we have received lately:

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) setup and configuration
  • Migrate on-premise servers to the Cloud
  • Procure devices and software that improves the WFH experience
  • Interrogate overall technical security posture
  • Revamp office phone systems and optimise setup for remote call handling
  • and more…

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We have been so lucky to have Integricity before and through this lockdown – we were ready to work from home largely due to their foresight and planning, our call centre, files and systems are all operating smoothly from home.  And Integricity has been managing our home set up infrastructure too, it has been seamless!

Mara Fisher, COO at TMNZ


Because of all the groundwork that Integricity did previously in moving all our servers to the cloud, working remotely is seamless.

Martin Bing, CEO at 1Place


Integricity played an important part in being able to WFH. With the limited time we had between Level 3 and Level 4 lockdown, they were efficient in being able to set us up with new laptops and made sure all users were online when lockdown occured. The team is always available to help out with any issues that may occur.

Shanil Patel, Operations Manager at Lock Finance